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Free LJ Icons
Aki or Autumn EYEcons is a place for me to shove random lj icons I have made for you to use... Oo; The only thing I ask is that you say "Made by Akieyecon" in the comments section if you use one of my icons. Closed membership... if you really like add me to your watch list... bah.. I'll just make a rules list.

1. Comment and tell me WHICH icon you took
2. Credit Neko_Akiko OR akieyecon in the COMMENTS section if you use an icon...
3. You like them? Friend me! Spread the word!
4. Have a request? Wait until I say "ACCEPTING (so many) REQUESTS!" and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. o_o
5. Please don't direct link!

See someone using one of my icons but not crediting? LET ME KNOW. DON'T tell them. Tell and SEND ME A LINK (umm... on any post... I get comments mailed to me so I'll see it...) and I will determine if it really is mine or not and will take actions.

Credits for Brushes, Textures, Images, Tutorials go to: Aethereality, Hybrid Genesis, Celestial Star, Aun Existe Amor, Inobscuro, Blinding Light, Obsidian Dawn, Firestorm, Forgotten Designs, Graceful Lament, Komet Tails Designs, Portfelia, Bella and Edward, AshleyGreen.net, Kristen Stewart Online, Jackson Rathbone.com, Lion & Lamb Love, 99 Mocking Birds, Allianora, Animeshare, Anni Kavonholdt, Ego Box, Feel, Infinitum, Mutsie, Reminiscent Designs, Starry Illusion, Synthoxide, Ex-posed, Frozen Rain, Owaranai Kiss, Peppery Skin, Himitsu